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Past Exhibition

Past Exhibition

Student Exhibition
Tobias Delcroix

18 June - 27 June

AOP Student Member Tobias Delcroix was selected as a random winner to showcase some of his work and projects as an AOP Online Exhibition because he entered the 2018 Student Awards.

Tobias began exploring photography when he was fifteen mostly through taking photos of his friends and of himself. His interest in art has driven him to create and focus more on surreal, conceptual and fashion images and that is how he has grown up and improve over the years as a freelance artist.

Initially completing an English Degree at university in France, his path led him to leave his native country and move to the United Kingdom in 2016 where he has been studying film/television and photography in Edinburgh.

Tobias really enjoys sharing his photographic experience and collaborating with people. At the age of eighteen, he has created the Hypervigilant album cover of the New York based band From States Away and since then, Tobias keeps working with other artists and businesses helping them to find their own visual identities.

His work has been featured on the Vogue Italia's photography platform PhotoVogue which promotes photographers around the world. He is represented in the United Kingdom by Crew Scotland and he is also a member of the Association of Photographers and of the British Institute of Professional Photography.

In the future, Tobias aspires to work in the film industry as a cinematographer along with managing his personal fine art/fashion photography work.

©Tobias Delcroix

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