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Past Exhibition

Past Exhibition

Spotlight - Drink
Curated by Emma Taylor


Our AOP Spotlight invites guest curators to showcase a selection of AOP Photographer member's images that they have found using our FIND a Photographer search function under their chosen theme. This month our very own Membership Guru, Emma Taylor, has taken the reigns and curated this gorgeous selection of images.


I've chosen 'Drink' as my theme.

I found atmospheric lifestyle photography with kids warming hands on a good mug of hot chocolate, a team having celebratory beers on the beach, to a rum artisan distilling the perfect blend.

There are elaborate cocktails with precariously balanced garnishes, wonderful conceptual takes on fruit tea flavours and dripping brand marks. 

The fantastic breadth of work in FIND led me curate a Spotlight that runs the full gamut of what Drinks photography can be and I hope it inspires you and feeds your eyes.

- Emma Taylor

©Stephen Lenthall

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