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Past Exhibition

Past Exhibition

AOP Student Award Winner, Kirstin Barnes
Kirstin Barnes

From 31 August until 7 September

Still in a daze from winning the AOP Student Awards 2015, Kirstin Barnes is delighted to be able to showcase some of her work with an AOP Online Exhibition. Barnes’ work tends to look at female issues of identity, sex, love and empowerment and is now increasingly involving new technologies and has progressed into film and installation. 

The exhibition features her winning image, Laura, (2014) which was submitted to the charity category, for the Samaritans. The image was taken in daytime, just after a storm and aimed to catch the beautiful light and a girl tinged with sadness. 

Also included is the series, The Beast In Me (2014). These images are all self –portrait and shot with just moonlight. The images portray a metamorphosis of being the used and abused of a sexual encounter, into the predator, the beast. They take you through a personal journey of Barnes’ own sexual empowerment.

 Finally presented is Somebody’s Mother (2015). These are stills from a film, which will become an installation, looking at the possible effects that being a sex worker could have on their children’s lives and childhoods. These images have then been randomly digitally manipulated, creating sometimes uncomfortable and sometimes almost renaissance results. The images feature performance artist Kate Spence.

 Prints are available of all images, direct from thehub

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