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Past Exhibition

Past Exhibition

Richard Allenby-Pratt

30th April - 31st May

The ‘consumption’ project has recently been selected as one of three finalists in the 2014 Syngenta photography award, Professional Commission, that recognizes the work of photographers who focus on subjects relating to the environment and sustainability. The winner will be announced at an event and exhibition at Somerset House in March 2015.


‘consumption’ seeks to uncover aspects of the supply chain associated with the modern consumer; from the extraction of resources, to processing, manufacturing, energy production, construction, logistics and retail, through to waste management and reuse - and many other aspects less immediately obvious. In so doing I also find myself looking at the way the natural, ancient, landscape of the United Arab Emirates is being utilised and consumed in the light of exponential, and unrestrained, development and growth. I also look at the more recent efforts to address sustainability issues such as the highest carbon footprint per capita in the world.

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