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Past Exhibition

Past Exhibition

Aircraft Recycling in the UK
Tony Hutchings

3rd February until March 8th

This Project started when Tony Hutchings read an article about aircraft recycling in the UK. Having a life-long interest in all things related to aviation he decided to try to get permission to photograph aircraft at various stages of deconstruction. Unlike in the Mohave Desert where literally thousands of aircraft wait for years under the glare of the sun,  aircraft arriving at Cotswolds Airport do not stay in one piece for long. A Boeing 747 will arrive and immediately the avionics, engines and any other high demand parts are removed, assessed and boxed for shipping. The speed at which a plane is deconstructed leads to a real sense of a moment in time and within four weeks there is nothing remaining of the plane, the final part of the process is to tear up the hull and to transport the alloys to be turned into things like fridges and drinks cans. It is amazing what happens to the some of the more mundane features like doors and windows.Some parts of the aircraft are transformed into sculptures or modern furniture. Other parts like first class sleeper seats become spare beds in loft apartments

There seemed to be only four or five aircraft being deconstructed at any one time and interestingly 99% of the latest generation airliner is recyclable. 


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