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Past Exhibition

Past Exhibition

Liquid Illusions
Ray Massey

28 October 2014 to 24 November 2014

Liquid Illusions explores how different mediums of liquid, air, oil, pigment and solids can interact to form abstract shapes when disturbed or energised into contact with each other and frozen by high speed electronic flash.

A fascination with uncertainty and the challenges presented by capturing moving liquids prompted Massey to produce this series of 12 "inkblot images". Abstract images created from undirectable fluids push the boundaries to replace some of the excitement and sense of anticipation that the instant gratification of digital photography has deprived us of.  The images were shot in large plate glass tanks: Lighting and liquid rigs, although complicated were distinctly "Heath Robinson" in structure.

Digital photography has deprived us of much of the anticipation, excitement and requirement of technical skills to create images. As with creativity itself; we must create and give it away in order to advance.

Massey builds complicated technical stages to a point where he must surrender and let the spontaneity and beauty of nature take over. Creating a stage where beauty can happen is as important as controlling it.

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