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Past Exhibition

Past Exhibition

Bards Town Portraits
Lorentz Gullachsen

17 June to 15 July 2014

During the Stratford Upon Avon Arts Festival Gullachsen set up a pop-up studio in the towns square utilising a screen displaying the results as he shot his personal project.

Bards Town Portraits is inspired by the characters observed walking around Gullachsens' home town of Stratford Upon Avon. Gullachsen was drawn towards faces that Shakespeare would have recognised and maybe used as the model for characters in his plays. Photographing the artists, production crew, civil dignitaries and by inviting members of the public who engaged with the festival, over 100 portraits form the collection of which this exhibition represents a selection. 

The subjects were all required to wear velvet cloaks that obscured fashion and hopefully produced images that have a timeless quality, although lit with a cinematic and theatrical approach . see more from the project. commercial work.

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