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Past Exhibition

Past Exhibition

Goodwood Festival of Speed by Indira Flack

20-26 August 2020

Photographing at Goodwood Festival of Speed is a complete departure from my normal portrait work, were I’m working to a brief and generally have time to set up my shots. At Goodwood I have complete freedom, with no brief and on occasion only seconds to get the shot. Sometimes it’s just a case of right time, right place. This was definitely true with the Sebastian Loeb shot.

The previous batch of cars had left the paddock, we were all taking a break waiting for the next group to start their run up the hill. Then, out of the blue Loeb, the nine time World Rally Champion, came screaming through the gate at great speed, did a few doughnuts, covered us all in dust and disappeared off to the rally stage - 19 seconds of frantic action ! All I could do was try to keep up with him, hoping that my settings were vaguely in the right area.

The challenge each year is to try a different approach, find different locations or develop an idea all within the health and safety restrictions and track protocol. That may mean I disappear in a cloud of tyre smoke, end up shooting from a ditch or perched on top of a straw bale, whatever it takes.

I really enjoy photographing and getting to know all the different characters. One of my favourites is Jochan Mass, former F1 driver and Le Mans winner. You can always rely on him for a great face and a dubious joke!

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Image © Indira Flack

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