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Past Exhibition

Past Exhibition

Buddy by Scarlet Page

23 -29 July 2020

During this time of a recent pandemic and lockdown, Scarlet’s children have sought comfort in an accessory, a ‘Buddy', finding reassurance in this time of social distancing, much uncertainty and anxiety has been essential for them.

Having worked on an international project called ‘Resonators’ where Scarlet photographed guitarists with their guitars, similarly Scarlet wanted to photograph children holding their number one love, their special, most loved comfort toy.  This item, Scarlet found relaxed the subjects, and in 5 mins she managed to get the shot she wanted in their own gardens. Each shot was spontaneous and not preplanned except for an estimated time of my arrival.

Capturing the essence of the child, socially distanced, it struck Scarlet about how powerful and thought provoking these images really are. The young faces possessing a wisdom of sorts. Scarlet has photographed over 60 children to date.

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© Scarlet Page

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