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Focus From The AOP, 30 September

30 September 2021

Focus from the AOP

All good things…

This is it, the last introduction from me after more than seven years here at the AOP.

It’s been an amazing time working with such fantastic creative people. It hasn’t been easy at times, when is it ever? But it has been worth every minute.

The AOP has an important role to play in this mad world and has achieved so many amazing things. The last eighteen months highlights the importance of associations like ours in protecting and providing communities for creative professionals to share their knowledge and challenge preconceptions.  

You should all be very proud of what you have achieved with your AOP over the last few years.

My last day as AOP CEO was Friday 17 September, until our new CEO arrives, (more of that later), Nick will be looking after us all in his indomitable way.

Have fun, be good, and more than anything else, be productive. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do, including at times that little voice in your ear. Get out there and do it.

See you around!


Images: Lobster © Richard Pullar, Zach + Rio One Year Later © Sophie Mayanne

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