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14 June 2021

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We had a quick catch up with the The StudioHire squad to ask them, in their own words, to tell us a bit more about them and the services they offer.


Back to the beginning…

There wasn’t an online directory for shoot space in the late 90s.

A photographer needed somewhere to shoot at the last minute… he realised there wasn’t a go to site for studios…

…So… it seemed like a really great idea to create one! 


Really, the site was created out of necessity!

It gives studios a platform to showcase their space and make it easy for everyone to source a place to shoot – a win win for studios and anyone looking to hire a studio.

Where are the studios based?

The majority of member shoot spaces are located in London…

…However, there are several studios dotted across the country

+ a few international spaces.

The plan is to take on more spaces from a range of counties.


Can you tell us more about the range of spaces you have on offer?

Mainly photographic + film studies

From small independent portrait to full production studios + everything inbetween.

Any kind of shoot…

Headshots – Fashion – Beauty – Ecommerce – Products – Packshots – Food

Video – Green Screen – LED Screen – Virtual Production – YouTube Content – TV Advertising Campaigns – TV Docs – Feature Films

The list is endless!

More recently, due the pandemiv, an uptick in live streaming

Studios have invested in powerful tech to improve the quality of live streams, so there’s lots more state–of–the–art EQ on–site!

There are now a number of location spaces too. 

Great for lifestyle or fashion, TVC, TV shows 

Many venues also host events…

Examples include...

Corporate + Celebratory Events such as Conferences – Weddings – Music Gigs – DJ Nights etc

+ Launches – Fashion Shows – Music Vids etc etc


What advice can you give to photographers, agencies, anyone else, looking for space to hire? 

Top Tips…

When you’re looking for space to hire, provide as much information as possible including a ballpark budget.

This gives the guys a good heads up on what’ll be required on the day.

Studios + location spaces do their best to be flexible to meet budgets where possible. 

Note – They might have had a last–minute cancellation or would like to fill a ‘floating day’ in an otherwise booked week, they’ll often offer discounts in these circumstances – there are deals to be made!

STUDIOHIRE.COM is very happy to stage an intervention!

Email the brief to HQ + we’ll get on it.

It’s also easy to DIY by using our SEARCH facility

When you land on a page, you’ll find you can Access All Areas

– No Restriction regarding contacting spaces direct.

The listings are kept up to date.

STUDIOHIRE is very familiar with our members’ spaces so we’re very well equipped to point enquirers in the right direction, we’ll often send enquirers links to spaces that would work well for a particular shoot or event. 

Other times, if required, STUDIOHIRE will put out an all-points bulletin to selected studios and locations to respond directly to an enquiry should they be able to accommodate.

Some clients prefer to recce the studio or location in advance of the shoot or event.

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Tell us about the SuperSearch on your website?


SuperSearch is a useful tool… and it’s one of kind, there’s nothing else like this available on the net!

It allows clients and site users to enter specific requirements, for example, drive–in + green cyc and touch base with a number of studios fulfilling these criteria IN ONE HIT!

For best results, a decent brief should be included so the studio or location is aware of all client requirements, they’ll also be better placed to provide an accurate quote.


Why are you an AOP Affiliated Company member? 

The Association of Photographers represents top photographers, production companies and agencies in the industry – great resources at your fingertips! 

We pass on useful info, and this has been particularly valuable during Covid because we’ve been able to keep our members up to date with regard to production guidelines during the various lockdowns… these included confirming the safety measures required to comply with gov guidelines thanks to the AOP legal team.

The AOP has a great reputation and being affiliated, it gives hirers extra confidence knowing our members are trustworthy and professional.

Note AOP members receive preferential rates from selected studios / locations.

Mention on booking! 

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