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FOCUS: Jon Wyand

21 October 2020

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© Jon Wyand

If you are are fan of wine then let us introduce you to member Jon Wyand who has won numerous Awards for his lifestyle, food and drink photography. Documenting the landscapes of vineyards, the making process, along with the wine itself, Jon's projects over the years have been published in two books, “Une Année en Corton” and "4 Seasons in Côte Chalonnaise”. A selection of images from the latter can be viewed in the current spotlight exhibition “In Vino Veritas?“. Read on to find out more.

AOPCOsprayingCharlemagne CWW1520

© Jon Wyand from “Une Année en Corton”

Do you remember when you first picked up a camera and what you pointed it at? 

The grandmother I never knew, Gerty was a keen, and it seems talented, amateur photographer so my father bought me a Kodak Instamatic 100 for my 17th birthday as I seemed to have artistic tendencies. I imagine my first pictures were views on school trip to the Lakes District. 

AOPCOsecateursEnCharlemagne MMT9887

© Jon Wyand from “Une Année en Corton”


Having won various awards and specialising in travel and lifestyle photography with a unique focus on wine in the Burgundy region. Can you tell us your journey of how this came to be?

My very first  commissions as a freelance were tourism and travel related and one of them was a seven week trip round great vineyards in France, Italy and Germany. I knew nothing about wine but I seemed to be good at everything I needed to do. I had no wine knowledge or preconceptions but just loved the whole trip. That was a formative trip but it was a few years before I had the opportunity to follow up on it.

AOPCOGuillemot Rafia CRW0473

© Jon Wyand from “Une Année en Corton”


Having recently published a book was this always a dream of yours and can we expect more?

Yes, I’ve illustrated quite a few books but always wanted to do my own. This is actually my third. The first was about village schools, shot in black and white in the late 70’s. The captions were drawn from school logbooks. A bit of social history shot all over England and Wales. It was my first exercise in research, planning, stamina, getting past bureaucracy, and dealing with publishers as an “author”.

Burgundy presented the second idea, a year of life and work around the Grand Cru vineyards of the Hill of Corton in 2013/14. Work from that was exhibited in Chalon-sur-Saone, the birthplace of Nicephore Niepce, France’s claimant as the inventor of photography. That led to the latest book “4 Seasons in Côte Chalonnaise”. It is a much larger and more diverse area to explore but also more relaxed and family oriented with humour always to the fore.  One problem seems to be, is it a wine book or a photographic book?. Its certainly about a particular subject so publishers feel the need for words.  As for another… who knows, but I have much more confidence in being able to do my own words next time.

AOPCOCroixGreves CRW1747

© Jon Wyand from “Une Année en Corton” 

Why is it important for you to be a member of the AOP.

Well it can be tough out there, and lonely. For a photographer, AOP backup and advice is something I’d never want to be without.

AOPCOcleaningBuckets Bonneau CRT5295

© Jon Wyand from “Une Année en Corton”


What advice would you give to someone starting out in a career in photography?

Tough one. I don’t think sustained success can be based on any advice without hard work and passion. Listen to every source you respect but take your own path. Never assume anything, always be curious.

AOPCOCharlemagneMud MMW0847

© Jon Wyand from “Une Année en Corton”

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