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FOCUS: Gavin Wallace

2 September 2020

Lux Mad With The Moon single cover photograph copy

© Gavin Wallace

We catch up with member Gavin Wallace where he talks about the time he realised photography would be his future.  Passionate about capturing a persons portrait combined with a love of music Gavin secured his dream commission just before lockdown. Read on to find out more.


© Gavin Wallace. Felicia.


Tell us how you started out?
I actually come from a graphic design background, working freelance mainly within the music industry. For around 10 years I created artwork for albums, singles, EP’s and advertising campaigns for various artists and producers. I learnt the fundamentals of photography on an old Pentax K1000 35MM camera that my Grandad had given me when I first started college in 1994, but it wasn’t until 2006 when I brought my first digital SLR I started to take photography more seriously. A friend who runs large Drum and Bass events was after someone to fill in for a photographer that had let him down, I was at the event anyway, love photography so I thought I would give it a go. The energy and vibe that the DJ’s, MC’s and the crowd generated was unreal and when I got the chance to shoot them up close I was instantly hooked.


Graham Restarick

© Gavin Wallace. Graham Restarick.


When did you first realise photography was for you?
I was really lucky to get the photos I took at that event published in Knowledge magazine a week after my first live shoot at Global Gathering festival. I was still buzzing from shooting my favourite artists in front of five thousand people. It was then I realised photography was going to be my life.


alan moore

© Gavin Wallace. Alan Moore.

What are you passionate about shooting?
People. For me, taking somebody’s portrait is an intimate thing, you create a bond with that person. I like that.

How much time do you spend on personal projects?
I try to dedicate as much time as possible to personal projects. Sometimes commissions and life take over and projects get put on the back burner but I will always make time to do something towards a project every year. For instance, I have been working on one of my personal projects ‘Place Where We Dwell’ for over 5 years but it is still extremely rewarding. I think any photographer worth their salt should be working on personal work. 


Aasen Place where we dwell gavin wallace photography 1

© Gavin Wallace. Aasen.

What would your dream commission be?
That is a hard question because I recently shot one of my dream commissions just before lockdown, it took ten years of emails and a lot of hassling management to land, but perseverance payed off! I’m not sure what my next dream commission would be, there’s so many people I want to photograph and brands I want to work with, I just want to carry on making photographs I’m happy with.

What do you think the future of the photography industry looks like?
I think technology will play the biggest part in the future for sure, who knows what that will bring. We’ve already got incredible equipment and services that you don’t need to have to sell a kidney to have or use anymore, photography is way more accessible now which I think is a good thing. On the commissioning side I’m seeing a trend in companies leaving the world of stock photography and reverting back to commissioning shoots to meet their marketing and advertising needs, I can only hope that continues into the future.


Lux Mad With The Moon single cover photograph

© Gavin Wallace. Lux Mad with the Moon - Single Album Cover.

What would you say to anyone considering becoming a member of the AOP?
Do it. The AOP is well respected in the photography industry and it is a great source of information that many photographers don’t usually have access too. You also get great perks like discounted services and products plus legal help if you should ever need it.


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