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Seeing how it feels

6 August 2012

In May last year AOP member Henry Iddon was commissioned by leading sports nutrition supplier 'Science in Sport' to document a day’s training with the GB Rowing Team at their Caversham training lake. We show above two images which resulted from the shoot.

Henry explains, “The company’s strapline is 'Part of the Ritual' and the images were to show how SiS products were part of the daily routine of the athletes. Having been a member of the Great Britain Speed Skiing Team and an elite level cyclist, an understanding of the mentality of high level sports people and the demands of training were invaluable.The team seemed happy to have me there even when I had to get in really close to get my shot and I’m very glad I’ve been able to show the grit and sweat needed to compete at this level.”

At his own sporting peak Henry was clocking PBs of 110mph on skis and 100 miles in 3hrs 40mins for cycling so it’s safe to say he knows of what he speaks. His 1999 photography masters paper Photography, Embodiment and the ‘Athletic Experience’ is still considered a benchmark in its field and for this Henry produced thermal images of cycle training taken with the medical imaging camera at Manchester’s Hope Hospital. “Both in my MA work and in these Caversham images I wanted to convey what it feelslike…not just what it looks like,” says Henry.

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