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What's in a name?

30 July 2012

AOP member Geoff Young’s exhibition Famous/Infamous opens on Thursday at The Bedroom Bar in London’s Shoreditch. Geoff explains the concept behind his series of portraits.

“The exhibition is of people who share names with someone either famous or infamous. The idea for the project came to me after I signed up to Facebook and noticed two friends who shared such names; Robbie Williams and Peter Sutcliffe. I wanted to investigate how people cope with that.” He’s keen to point out that these are portraits of ordinary people who accidentally or deliberately share an extraordinary name and not shots that attempt to recreate recognisable media imagery in any way."After just over a year the series is currently 19 strong, of which six are exhibited, but it’s an ongoing project. People are always suggesting new names to me!” says Geoff.

The exhibition is at The Bedroom Bar, 68 Rivington St, London EC2A 3AY opening 6.30 2 August until 31 August.

Images above © Geoff Young. Left: Jackie Collins. Right: Peter Sutcliffe.

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