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Sustainability and the Environment
The AOP's work and action for change


The AOP Sustainability Working Group is tasked with demystifying sustainability within photography and short-form moving image production and providing clear strategies for all professional image-makers to use in the urgent pursuit of a net-zero carbon future.

We will provide information on the business case for photographers and producers to be developing low carbon or carbon-free ways of working, along with linking to tools to measure greenhouse gas emissions from shoots/production and how to use that data to benefit your clients and business.

This is a place to find out about carbon reduction techniques to be used within your production decisions that will help bring the industry towards the only viable option we have, which is a carbon-neutral economy.


WG Chair, AOP non-executive director and Accredited Photographer, Holly McGlynn

AOP Agent member and AOP non-executive director, Hat Margolies

AOP Affiliated Company member, Angus Light, Producer and Founder - Locate Productions

AOP Accredited Photographer, Carol Sharp

AOP Accredited Photographer, Kai Bastard - Bad Star Studios

AOP CEO, Isabelle Doran

AOP Marketing Manager, Suzanne McDougall

AOP Membership Services Administrator, Chris Mackins


Download AOP On Sustainability: Easy Green Wins

AOP On Sustainability: Easy Green Wins header image

Click HERE for a a PDF document version of the 'Easy Green Wins for Reducing Carbon Footprint'.    
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AOP Carbon Audit 2024 Report Cover



  • As a first step into measuring how well the AOP and the wider membership are adopting a sustainable business practice, we hired Creative Zero to undertake an AOP operational carbon audit. 
  • The results are positive resulting from having the AOP team work remotely, excluding the AOP from Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions.
  • The AOP’s total footprint from 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023 was 10.37 tonnes CO2e (equating to 2.08 tonnes CO2e per full-time employee compared with an individual in a UK advertising agency who on average produces 3.4 tonnes CO2e). 
  • The largest portion of our emissions come from Purchased Goods & Services (33%); followed by Awards Book (28.7%) and Homeworking (21.9%). 

Download the AOP Carbon Audit Report 2024 HERE

Chris Lacey

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