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Colourful AOP
Photographers of colour at the AOP


The Colourful AOP group has been established to address the issue of diversity and equality within the photography sector.

The objectives of the group are as follows:

  • To challenge and address the inequality within the photographic and creative industry and increase the awareness of photographers of colour.
  • To set achievable initiatives as part of the AOP and set completion dates for agreed initiatives to encourage fulfilment and stimulate new initiatives
  • To change the perception/opinion of the decision makers and broaden the view of why they use people of colour to shoot certain types of images
  • Along with the AOP, to apply positive pressure on those who make the decisions or are seen as gatekeepers
  • To give additional support and nurture AOP members of colour
  • To attract younger photographers of colour to the AOP
  • To be positive, uplifting, inspiring and celebratory for all communications, events, etc.


The Colourful AOP forum was created as a space to discuss matters of diversity and equality in photography. If you would like to join Colourful AOP’s growing supportive community please register here.


AOP representative: Yaa Taylor

Board member: Gandee Vasan |Accredited Photographer

Board member: Ira Giorgetti | Assisting Photographer

Louise Hagger | Accredited Photographer

Emli Bendixen | Accredited Photographer

Michelle Marshall | Accredited Photographer

Francis Augusto | Accredited Photographer

Darren Sital-Singh, Studio Pi | Agent member

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Eye See Revival Nadia Correia AOP jpgEye See Revival - images © Nádia Correia

Exhibitions, Events and Activites


Community and Identity: ColourfulAOP Project.

An Open Call photography competition celebrating the dynamic diaspora of black, asian and indigenous culture and identity, this open call aims to encourage UK photographers of colour to share their work and their experiences. Whilst open to photographers of all backgrounds – this AOP Project is intended as a platform to showcase exceptional underrepresented talent and provide the opportunity of highlighting photographers of colour to commissioners and the wider photography industry.


Colourful AOP presents - Networking and Gatekeepers:

Developing your network and connecting with the right people can be problematic. Our panel discuss the experience of photographers of colour


Colourful AOP Presents: Treatments & Folio Reviews:

An evening of insights and advice on preparing treatments and presenting work designed to elevate and support photographers of colour.



Amit & Naroop: Colour in the Creative Industry

Watch all in the series so far by Amit & Naroop: of talks with people from minority backgrounds discussing working in the image-making industry.

Including interviews with;

Othello De’Souza-Hartley: a visual artist, his practice encompasses photography, film, performance, drawing and painting. De’Souza-Hartley work explores a range of issues from gender, masculinity, identity, politics, the body and emotions.

Emli Bendixen: In the second in the series, AOP photographers, Amit and Naroop, continue by talking with photographer, Emli Bendixen, about her experiences as a professional photographer in the UK creative industry.

Francis Augusto: In the third video of the series, Francis Augusto discusses his experiences as a black photographer working in the creative industry in Britain.

Max Kandhola: In the fourth video of the series, Max Kandhola discusses his journey from a young man looking for the path for his creativity, to his place as an accomplished professional photographer and educator

AOP Amit Naroop png

AOP Black and Minority Ethnic member Spotlight Focus


SURVEY:  Are you a photographer of colour? What is your experience of working in the industry?

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We need and welcome your input and have created this form to record anonymous insights and comments which will be fed back into the ColourfulAOP Working group activities and initiatives. 

You can access the form here



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