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John Garon

Photographer Overview

My photography is all about creating images that continue to live and breathe when seen in print or on a screen. I do my utmost to capture the essence of real-life moments, whether that’s through shooting in a reportage style or photographing carefully assembled scenes.

This ethos (as well as a good dollop of experience and skill) has led to me working with leading 'creative agencies for brands including Adidas, HSBC, E.ON, Aviva, Russell Hobbs, Interflora and Toyota. It’s also resulted in me winning a fair few accolades from the likes of the International Photography Awards, PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris and Shot Up North.

From Yorkshire and working out of London, has hugely benefited me and my clients. In particular, it’s given me the flexibility to retain great working relationships with advertising agencies throughout the UK.

Over the years, it’s also been known for me to board a jet plane and head overseas to bring some northern charm and directness to an overseas shoot.

AGENT: Hat Margolies
+44 (0)20 7732 6436

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