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Eleni Leoussi

Photographer Overview

Eleni Leoussi was born in Athens, Greece in 1946 and moved to London in the late 60’s to study photography where she has been a resident ever since.

She specialised in photographing contemporary dance from the early 70’s through to the mid 90’s gaining great respect in this field as a result of her powerful and fluid images. The majority of which were captured during full dress rehearsals rather than through staged work.

A comprehensive archive of her work is shown on her website, most of which is in her book ’Rehearsal’ published by Dewi Lewis in 1998, also some of Eleni’s other work including more recent travel images which are taken from her book ’My Greece’, published by Patakis in 2004.

Since the early 70’s Eleni’s work has appeared in many publications and has been exhibited on numerous occasions. Her current aim is to have the full archive of her dance work exhibited in its entirety. All the dance images are framed to museum standard in sizes up to 60x40"

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