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Charlie Fawell

Photographer Overview

With many years of experience in the corporate sector, Charlie Fawell is one of the UK's leading industrial photographers.

Whether it’s capturing the drama of an offshore wind turbine, the clean and pristine control room of a new power station or the sheer scale of a mining operation, Charlie relishes the diversity of opportunity the business world provides.

Comfortable in both offshore and onshore environments, health and safety is, and continues to be, an absolute priority. Be it travelling to an offshore oil or gas installation, or minding a trip hazard in a light industrial warehouse, ensuring the correct accreditations are in place, is all part of the job.

Of course social responsibility is now a key part of the corporate reporting process and as multinational companies seek to mitigate their environmental footprint, there is now a more wide-ranging narrative for Charlie to record; from biodiversity studies within the adjoining natural habitats to the workshop initiatives, cultural and health programmes within the local communities that sustain them.

Always on the lookout for a well-crafted abstract still-life opportunity, whether on the production line or in the studio, Charlie's finely honed compositional sense is custom made for the energy and manufacturing sector. This additional versatility gives designers greater creative options and also means more value for clients too.

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