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Jeremy Baile

Photographer Overview

Jeremy Baile's work illustrates his passion for photography and film. Concentrating on drinks and liquid, he uses strong composition and colour, which is combined with superb lighting.

He owns a three story studio in North Acton. It has an infinity cove on the ground floor which is great for large shoots and filming. The top floor has roomsets allowing flexibility when shooting lifestyle imagery.

He has an inquisitive mind and an enthusiasm that are perfect for the genre. Constantly seeking new techniques and methods to create dynamic shots for top clients throughout the drink & beverage industry.

Using state of the art equipment he can produce 4K footage and true slow motion for video projects. With a fully equipped and staffed space it is well suited to more complex jobs.

He is equally equipped to shoot on location and has the resourcefulness to get the job done and come home with the goods, even in the most challenging of environments.

He decided to become a photographer aged just 10. Since then he has been at the heart of the change from film to digital and embraced the medium at its inception. The knowledge of shooting large format, with the technical complexity involved, has been an invaluable skill. Getting results 'in camera' provide a greater flexibility for post production and authenticity.

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