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Peter Mason

Photographer Overview

I do love my job.  I am one of those lucky ones that decided early on that I wanted to work in the creative industries, starting off as a designer and evolving into a photographer and video director (mainly as I wanted to play outside!)

So what is it like working with me? Well I like to think its both fun and rewarding. Myself and the team work hard to get the results and have a laugh on the way. I like to get involved creatively from the initial treatment right through to final delivery.

My aim to supply high impact lifestyle imagery that is:

Exciting - energetic - spontaneous - believable - fun

and gets the message across.

I work with young and old, real people and models, olympians and royalty and I'm happy to produce and shoot large overseas productions or small guerrilla style shoots.

Say hi on an email or better still pick up the phone (07774 496414 ) for a chat.


"Peter's work ethic combined with a passion to get the best out of the situation in front of him always means we get the best shot on schedule. Regardless of location or studio Peter adds to any shot scenario I throw at him, with a keen creative eye. He jumps in with ideas and with his own 2 feet, having shot all around the world, under seas, from the air, from the very top of a ship to the very bottom in a tiny inflatable raft looking up at 17 floors of moving steel, nothing phases him. I’m sure he will show you the results, shots we still use time and time again"

Nick Carter. Creative Director. Positive.

"We’ve worked with Pete for many years on Haven and Warner photography, as well as combined photography and video shoots. Over time the style required for both brands has changed and evolved a fair bit and Pete never fails to adapt to our new styles of shooting. He’s great to work with because he always understands what you need as a client and is completely open to honest feedback, which I feel is extremely important. He’s extremely professional and has a really lovely way with the models, team members and our customers - he often has to shoot in tricky settings in the middle of summer when our parks are at their fullest, without impacting on our guest experience. We feel his photography has a certain magic quality to it - I always really look forward to receiving shots from new shoots and they always exceed our expectations. I’d absolutely recommend Pete to anyone (as long as they don’t use him too much when we need him!)"

Kate Courtney. Bourne Leisure.

"Pete is an excellent photographer. What attracted me to his work in the first place was its distinctive style and the way he brings pictures to life in a natural way. He has a great skill in taking the idea you have in your head and capturing it, even if it does mean lying down in a busy road! We have worked in some difficult conditions and you can always rely on Pete to suggest ideas which really do work, and only come with his level of experience and creativity.

Pete is always really positive and has a very professional approach to dealing with both models, clients and the general public. He is always calm under pressure, but equally very energetic in his approach which means you always get a fantastic end result. I would recommend Pete very highly and look forward to working with him again soon!

Jason Bannister. Bell Integrated


"Having worked with Pete on and off over the past 15 years, I completely trust in his ability to get the shots required from the trickiest of situations. Pete’s work ethic and dedication to getting the desired results is tremendous; I think the longest day we put in was 20 hours. His ability to deal with a live, moving product and the general public is fantastic, with the right balance between getting the shot and remaining unobtrusive. ‘Real’ subjects tend to be uncomfortable and self concious, but Pete has a way of relaxing people and bringing the best out of them. I am always extremely pleased with the results we get, and working with Pete is always great fun too"

Jo Wilcox. Marketing Mojo

Stills commissions include:

Marks and Spencer, Royal Caribbean International, Dunlop, Pizza Hut, Tesco, P&O cruises, Eurocamp, Skanska ID, Getty Images, Park resorts, Warner Leisure hotels, Royal air force, Haven holidays, Virgin, Times newspapers, Suncorp Metway (Australia), Weightwatchers, British heart foundation, London and Quadrant, Metropolitan Housing, Monckton Chambers, UHY international, The Guardian, Reading university, Merlin entertainments, David Lloyd Clubs, Farrington oils, London Eye, England Athletics, Teach First, Hollywood Bowl, RS components, Puttstars, International Rescue committee.

Film commissions include:

British heart foundation, Hollywood Bowl, Weightwatchers, Warner Leisure hotels, Haven holidays, Royal air force, Skanska, RS Components, England Athletics, ECS, Puttstars and Getty film.

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