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Greg White

Photographer Overview

Greg White’s crisp, graphic photography draws from the geometry and orderliness he finds in architecture, vast spaces and landscapes. For him, intriguing stories emerge from carefully considered composition, an edit of the visual elements he wants to keep in the frame.

Moments of symmetry and repetition along with brilliant lucid lighting capture the startling beauty of industrial spaces, whether it is Ocado’s automated workshop, a Japanese power plant or the production facilities of a luxury car maker. “It’s a privilege to see behind the scenes,” he says of the access he is granted to factories and production lines.

For his portrait commissions and personal projects, Greg’s goal is to make the most of the quiet moments of connection, whether capturing his subject in their place of work or on location. “When I strip away, simplifying the environment and losing any details that feel contrived, that’s when I come closest to capturing someone at their most authentic,” he says.

Water conservation has become both a personal and professional preoccupation and in 2018, he travelled to India in order to document the ice stupas of Ladakh: artificial glaciers constructed during the winter to conserve water for local crops ahead of their summer drought. For his next instalment, Greg hopes to document the women-led NGO that is harvesting drinking water through giant “fog nets” in Morocco.

Greg was born in East Yorkshire in 1978. As a child, a series of underwhelming photographs he took at an airshow spurred him to learn more about the craft, eventually studying at Nottingham Trent and Blackpool & The Fylde. His work has taken him around the globe and he has been awarded the title of AOP Photographer of the Year (2008) and ADC Young Gun in New York (2009) as well as receiving accolades from Creative Review, Communication Arts, International Photo Awards and American Photography. Today, Greg lives in London with his partner and two daughters – and he would never attend an airshow without bringing a telephoto lens.

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