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Matthew Johnson

Photographer Overview

I am a photographer based in London known for my work in classical music and portraiture.

A self-taught photographer with a background in classical music, the perspective gained and enthusiasm for the music is how I approach and create my work; reacting to the music, interacting with musicians, and occasionally even still playing. This helps me photograph music in a more natural, and honest way; creating images that are both impactful to the outside world and effective in the industry. Clients include Platoon, London Symphony Orchestra, Estonian Embassy, Kammermusikfest Sylt, and many festivals, concert series, ensembles, and musicians.

Outside of music, I have a wide portraiture portfolio with running themes of community and well-being. When engaged a sitter can portray a unique feeling that I want to preserve in my images and it allows me to bring a candid edge to shoots to capture the things that catch my eye. This translates to the way I photograph in general, being present and reacting to my senses, from landscapes to still life, a state of flow with music on or lost in my own thoughts.

Based in London, working all over.

Accredited member of the AOP.

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