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Jim Fenwick

Photographer Overview

My photographs are all about people. Whether I’m shooting portraits, actions, groups, communities, landscapes or objects - all explore what it is to be human. Perhaps reportage in feel, but my goal is to show a truth through a slightly heightened version of reality. My practice looks at community, family and a sense of belonging.

Character’s backstories are important to me, I like working with actions or sets of tasks, talent given enough space to interpret their role allowing for sparks, both emotional and kinetic.

I shoot fast when working with people. When I push the pace often the talent have no choice but to perform instinctively and thus are not held back by their conscious thoughts which helps create real moments of connection

This works in a similar way for me too. The best moments are often the spaces between the exposures - so I shoot this moment too through sheer momentum. I need to capture ephemeral states, this is how I capture realism in performance.

Colour theory runs subtly throughout my work, so when setting up a shot I work with colours and this follows through into the grading. This really helps to create an emotional quality that further connects with the audience.

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