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Sarah Louise Ramsay

Photographer Overview


UK born Sarah Louise Ramsay started her career assisting both on location and in studios all over London in the 90’s.

The award winning personal projects she made back then in Cuba and Australia were the catalysts for her first advertising commissions, and since then her work as a photographer has taken her all over the world for brands from Peugeot and Landrover, to Waitrose and British Airways. She was the first woman in Europe to shoot for Renault.

Personal work means everything to Sarah, and she has continued to win many awards, as well as recently having work exhibited in the Royal Academy summer exhibition, and at the Venice Biennale.

She thrives when she is able to push boundaries and expectations and her recent trip to Cuba was both an adventure and a way to honour a strong connection to the water- something she has been exploring for the last few years.

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