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Matt Frost

Photographer Overview

Portrait photographer Matt Frost studied at the Norwich School of Art & Design before embarking on his first professional assignment as a Cruise Ship Photographer, meandering the Alaskan Inside Passage. There, he honed his patter and learned everything that isn’t taught at art school; including how to load a lifeboat.

Through assisting, Matt met his future picture editor and boss at ITV, where for two and a half years he worked on some of the nation’s most treasured TV shows. This opportunity opened doors to the film and TV industry, where Matt has established enduring connections, working extensively with major UK TV channels, independent production companies, and a range of publications, as well as shows for the US.

Working on film sets has strongly influenced Matt’s approach to photography and amplified his passion for storytelling. With a strong design ethos, his work is striking and bold, and his visually powerful images aim to spark imagination and captivate the viewers’ attention.

Despite being kept busy with a varied raft of commissions, Matt still finds time to shoot personal projects. Through his personal work, Matt plays with concepts and ideas, lighting techniques, and, born from lockdown, his Still Life is an extension of his creative approach to image making.

Bringing with him creativity, ingenuity, and a craftsman’s expertise, Matt’s collaborative approach to work understands the importance of teamwork and having good energy on set. He has an uncanny knack for putting people at ease; people just like being photographed by him.

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