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Stuart Bailey

Photographer Overview

Stuart Bailey is a British commercial photographer based in London, UK.

Starting his professional photography career in June 2015, Stuart was working at British Airways as an in-house photographer until December 2019. - This is where he honed his style and craft as a commercial photographer.

Now freelance, Stuart focuses on commercial, headshots, and event photography work for worldwide brands and companies.
The majority of his commissions are in London and the UK, but his work very often takes him around the world.

His photography style is increasingly recognised for its "fly on the wall" and in the moment documentary style, with clean and vibrant post processing that looks polished yet natural.

Stuart has a friendly approach, and is able to connect with everyone he photographs from billionaire investors, CEO's, famous actors, office staff, and everyone else in-between.

Having a keen interest in business and marketing himself has led to a deeper understanding of his clients, and what and how the end photographs can be used to their best advantage.

Photographer Stuart Bailey is married to his Brazilian wife Sarah, is equally addicted to the gym and to coffee, is a dog dad to a miniature Dachshund named Oscar, and is also an Accredited Member of The Association of Photographers.

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