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Matthew Valdmanis

I'm Matthew, a highly skilled and dedicated photography assistant. I bring a wealth of technical expertise and a keen eye for detail to support photographers in capturing the best imagery. With a solid foundation in post-processing software and a deep understanding of various camera systems and lighting gear, I am confident in my ability to contribute to any photography project.

I have previously worked as a studio assistant for Next, where I ordered equipment, organised the studio for shoots, and supported the photographers. I have also completed Direct Digital assistant lighting training. Additionally, I have experience working with high-profile clients and talent, including campaigns for high-end jewellery and album art.

BA Hons Fashion Photography, London Metropolitan University - First Class Honours.

Equipment (Experience):

Digital (Experience):
Capture One
Premiere Pro
Blender (3D software)

Equipment (Hire):
Profoto A10 - Canon
Canon 6D Mark II
Canon EF 100mm f2.8L Macro IS USM Lens
Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM
Amaran 300C
C stands
Plustek OpticFilm 8200i SE (35mm film scanner)

Additional Info:
In date EU passport
CV available upon request


If you require an assistant, any pre-production or post-production work done please get in touch!

M: 07411252772

Ruben Davies

Good morning, afternoon or evening!

I'm Ruben a dedicated and dependable photography assistant located in Hackney, London. Comfortable working in studios, on-location and abroad. I bring forth a strong work ethic and a commitment to excellence. I have garnered extensive industry experience by assisting in various photographic genres and environments. My meticulous attention to detail and easy going nature allows me to consistently execute tasks in a prompt and professional manner (I'm good at keeping it cool).

With three years experience I can provide a CV on request. This will display a comprehensive overview on the diverse range of photographers I have had the privilege to work with, including the roles I have played.

Equipment (Experience):


Digital (Experience):

Chrono Sync
Capture One
Premier Pro
After Effects

Equipment (Hire):

Apple M1 Pro (16gb & 1TB SSD)
Capture one
Nikon D810

Additional Info:
Full UK Driving Licence (Aged 25)
In date UK Passport

Ryan Mero

I'm Ryan, a photography assistant based out of Studio By Sea in Brighton.

I have experience in lighting, image capture, and assisting photographers on studio and location shoots. I have also edited short films and promotional pieces for Shoot Collective, Locate Productions, Paul Winter Studio and The Old Market Theatre.

I take great pride in my people skills and I work well as part of a team. I am efficient, adaptable and responsible and I can be relied upon to help a shoot go smoothly. I drive and have my own car.

I can be hired with or without equipment. Check out the equipment page here.

Please get in touch if you have any queries.

Many thanks,


T: 07311493388



Felix Hall Close

South East London based assistant
Comfortable working in studio, on location + abroad
Happiest when busy

Take great pride with providing professional, friendly and punctual services with excellent technical knowledge of photographic techniques, equipment and software. I am always working to expand my knowledge base.


DIGITAL 6+ Years

Canon 5D MK4, 5DS + R5/6
Nikon D850, Z7+8

Fuji GFX 50S II + 100 II
Phase One XF

FILM 6+ Years

Leica M4 - M7, Olympus OM1, Pentax ME Super, Rollei 35
Hasselblad 500CM, Mamiya 6+7, C330, RZ67 Pro I,II+IID
Wista 45VX, Horseman L45

Experience loading and unloading 35mm, 120 and 5x4 cameras

DIGI 3+ Years

Area 51
Capture One Pro
Epson Scan
Flex Colour
Hasselblad Imacon
Mac OS
Tether Pro


Aputure Amaran 300C + 300d II
Arri 150
Bowens Gemini 500 + XMS500
Broncolor Pulso G, Grafit A4
Elinchrom One, ELC 500
Godox AD1200Pro, V1
Paul C Buff Einstein
Profoto 7B, B10X, Pro-11 2400J AirX


Architecture, Construction, Editorial, Events, Fashion, Food, Interiors, Lifestyle, Portrait, Product, Travel


Anglepoise, Angel O'Donnell, Battersea Power Station, Berkeley Group, British Council, Celebrus, Chiltern Firehouse, Cobourg, Conran + Partners, Design District, Dezeen Awards, Elle Decoration, FLOKK, Harrods, House & Garden, Koko, Marshalls, Masion Communications, Morgan Furniture, National Trust, Palladian Media, Riverford Organic, RTS Programme Awards, The Observer Food Monthly/New Review, Vitra


AOP - Alun Callender, Mark Cocksedge, Phil Fisk, Ben Gold, Sarel Jansen, Harry Lawlor, Amit Lennon, Will Pryce, Phil Sills, Kristina Varaksina, Barry Willis

Phil Adams, Ioni Epelbaum, Benjamin Hay, Oskar Proctor, Simon Roberts, Edmund Sumner, Alex Upton, Ryan Wicks, Taran Wilkhu, Tom Willcocks, Dan Williams


Canon 5DS x2
EF 17–40mm f/4L USM
EF 24-70 f4L IS USM
EF 28mm f1.8 USM
EF 50mm f1.4 USM
EF 85mm f1.2L USM II

Mamiya RZ67 Pro II
50mm f4.5 Sekor Z
75mm f4.5 Sekor W Shift
110mm f2.8 W Sekor Z,
180mm f4 VSM M Soft Sekor Z
AE Prism Finder

Wista 45VX
90mm f5.6
135mm f5.6
150mm f5.6
Fidelity Elite Darkslides
Calumet Film Changing Tent

Macbook Pro 15" 2015
TetherPro Tether Cable
Manfrotto 290 Dual
Manfrotto 410 Junior Geared Head
Godox V1C TTL Flash with Dome Diffuser Kit
PocketWizard Plus X
Sekonic L-308S Flashmate


Full UK Driving Licence (happy to drive outside London)
UK Passport
Time Management (always early)
Happy to travel

Get in touch!

Simon Goodwin

I have been a freelance digital operator as well as first and second assistant based in London for over 14 years.
I have loads of on set experience (primarily stills and increasingly more video) using most brands of cameras, lighting and software.
Cameras: Canon, Nikon, Phase One, Fujifilm, Hasselblad, Sony, Leica, GoPro, Mamiya Leaf and Sinar cameras and backs. Also basic familiarity with Arri Alexa 35s, Alexa Minis and Sony FS7s.
Lighting: Apurture, Arri, Bowens, Broncolor, Dedo, Elinchrom, Godox, Kino Flo, Nanlux, Profoto, Rotolight and Strobe studio and location lighting.
Software: I am a skilled digi op and retoucher and I’m proficient with Capture One Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom, Camera Raw, Bridge, Phocus, Helicon Focus, Leaf Capture, Sinar Capture Shop and Wacom tablets for retouching, on set comps and grades.
And I am also very familiar with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and BlackMagic ATEMs for live streaming directly from stills and motion cameras both in studios and on location.
If needed, I have a MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, Canon DSLR and L series lenses available for hire and am also an experienced second shooter for events or behind the scenes.
• UK passport
• Full clean UK driving license
• Own car and bicycle
• Non-smoker, non-vaper
If you need an assistant for your shoot, or any pre and post production work then get in touch.
M: +447760252772


Last updated - 21st June 2024

Myles Morgan Bailey


I'm Myles, a hard working, reliable photographic assistant. I specialise in lighting & medium format film. I am also competent with moving image lighting and equipment - have a good understanding of what is necessary on each set. Currently based in South East London.

BA Hons Photography, Arts University Bournemouth - First Class Honours.

Assisted Photographers, DoPs & Gaffers:
Adama Jalloh, Charlotte Ellis, Camilla Dazzi, Francis Augusto, Frank Fieber, Gabby Laurent, Gabriel Mango, Gary Burchell, Ibrahim Azab, Jack Orton, Kiefer Passey, Marcus Clackson, Ronan McKenzie, Rid Burman, Rob Gifford, Serena Brown, Tami Aftab, Wendy Huynh.

Axis, Elle, Esquire, GQ, John Lewis & Partners, Levi's, Malibu, Women's Health, We Are Soul, Sony Music, Wax Clothing, British Vogue

Profoto, Broncolor & Bowens flash
Arri HMI D25, M18, S60-C Skypanel
Aperture series
Canon 5D series
120mm (Mamiya RB & RZ67 series, Hassleblad 500cm)
35mm analogue (Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus)
Canon Super 8 Autozoom
Source Four

Additional skills:
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Lightroom Classic
Black and white darkroom
Colour darkroom
Beginner level with Capture One

2022 - 23' Revolv Collective Award Recipient
2020 EIZO Colour Award Shortlisted Feature ‘Featherweight’

Mark Griffiths

Very experienced in all formats and most kinds of lighting.

Strong retouch, lighting and digital operating skills.

Experienced in studio and on location both in London and abroad.

Full car and motorbike license.

Mario Álvarez

Mario Álvarez – Photography Assistant

Hello, I'm Mario Álvarez, a dedicated and passionate photography assistant based in London. With a solid foundation in both the technical and creative aspects of photography, I bring a versatile skill set to any shoot.

Experience and Skills:

Technical Proficiency: Experienced in setting up and adjusting lighting equipment, including continuous lights and flash units. Proficient in using various camera systems and lenses.

On-Set Assistance: Adept at supporting photographers during shoots by managing equipment, handling logistics, and ensuring smooth workflow. Experienced in both studio and on-location settings.

Post-Production Knowledge: Familiar with basic photo editing and retouching techniques using software like Adobe Photoshop and Capture One.

Problem-Solving: Quick thinker with the ability to troubleshoot technical issues and find creative solutions on the spot.

Collaboration: Strong team player with excellent communication skills, able to work efficiently with photographers, models, and other crew members.

Professional Background:

Worked as a photography assistant on various high-profile shoots, including advertising, fashion, and TV show projects, where I honed my skills in a fast-paced, professional environment.
Gained extensive experience working in a rental photography studio for over two years, further developing my technical expertise and customer service skills.


I'm currently available for new opportunities and eager to bring my expertise to your next project. I'm willing to travel and adapt to different work environments to ensure the success of the shoot.


Feel free to reach out to discuss potential collaborations or if you need an extra hand on your next shoot. Let's create something amazing together!

T: 07424 902453


Ioana Marinca

Hi, I'm ioana [yoanna]

Based in East London, I've been assisting on/off for four years, mostly on small sets, but also as a digi and 2nd assistant on bigger sets. My 'past life' was in fin/tech for +12 years, handling difficult clients and pressured situations. I hold a BSc in Computer Systems.

* Proficient in Adobe Products (Bridge, Photoshop, Lightroom, inDesign), fluent in CaptureOne.

* I've assisted both in studio and on location using Profoto, Elinchrom, Hensel kits.

* My current/past kit: Canon 5d iii, Fuji XPro2, Leica M6, Mamiya 7ii, Mamiya RZ67, Nikon FM2

* Clean driving license (not a car owner).
* Dual British and EU passports.
* Conversation-level French and Spanish.

Happy to travel for work. Please get in touch!

ioana / Yoyo

Harry Lawlor

Hi, I'm Harry, a Photographer, Lighting Assistant and Digi based between Oxford and London.

I've been assisting regularly since 2015 and have worked with many photographers across a wide range of genres and styles from fashion to still life to commercial. I began working as a freelance Digi and Retoucher in 2017 for a commercial fashion brand and working on commercial fashion (location and studio) and ecommerce shoots. I have since worked in this capacity for a number of clients.

I have a car and a clean driving licence. I also have EQ for hire, see below for details.

I shoot portraiture and documentary style work. In the past I've worked for clients such as The Financial Times, Monocle, The Guardian, British Red Cross, The Economist 1843 Magazine, The Telegraph Magazine, Hodder Books and C.P. Company.

I'd love to work with you on your next shoot. Get in touch!

Equipment for hire;

Digi Kit - I offer an EQ package with my Digi services, please enquire for rates.

MacBook Pro 16" Intel i9, 32GB RAM, 8GB GPU, 1TB SSD
Inovativ Digiplate w/ Sun Shade
27000mah Batteries x4
Area 51 Tether Cables
Area 51 Unidentified Object Tether Plate
Tether Tools Tether Plate
Slik 700DX Tripod w/ Pig Iron Arca Swiss Pano Adapter + Area 51 Lens Capsule + Vanguard Stone Bag
Dual Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD Backup Drives (Files Stored for 60 Days)
Eizo CG2420 Second Monitor w/ 20m Cable Run
X Rite Colour Checker Classic

Lighting Kit - I can also offer a lighting package for photographers, please enquire for rates depending on your needs.

Broncolor Siros 800L x2
Broncolor Siros L Battery x6
Broncolor Siros 400S x2
Broncolor RFS 2.1 Universal Trigger
Broncolor RFS 2.2 Trigger (Nikon)
Broncolor Octabox 75
Broncolor Octabox 150
Broncolor Softbox 90x120
Broncolor Softbox 120x30 x2
Broncolor P70 Reflector x2
Broncolor L40 Reflector w/ Grid Set x2
Westcott 7ft Umbrella - White w/ diffusion x1
Westcott 43" Deep Umbrella - White w/ diffusion x1
Westcott 43" Shoot Through Umbrella x1
Westcott 43" Soft Silver Umbrella x1
Westcott Fast Flag Kit 18x24" x1
Calumet Backdrop Support Kit x1
Calumet Calumet Remote Telescopic Boom Arm x1
Calumet 3 Piece Boom Arm
Avenger 40" C-Stand w/ Arm x2
Manfrotto Cine Stand x1
Manfrotto 7kg Counterweight x1
Manfrotto 055 Carbon Tripod
Manfrotto 405 Geared Head w/ Hejar Foto Arca Swiss Plate
Manfrotto Tethergear Vesa Monitor Mount
Manfrotto Superclamp x2
Avenger Lowboy 120 Combo Roller
Lastolite Skylite Rapid 1x2m w/ Black/White, Silver/White, 1.25 stop Diffusion
Godox V1N Speedlite w/ Godox X-Pro TTL Trigger + Modifier Kit
Sekonic L358 Light Meter
Light Stands x5

I can also supply cameras and lenses if required, as above please enquire about rates based on your needs.


Nikon D850
Nikon D800
Nikon 14-24 f2.8
Nikon 24-70 f2.8 VR
Nikon 70-200 f2.8 VR ii
Nikon 105 f2.8 Micro (Macro)
Sigma ART 24 f1.4
Sigma ART 35 f1.4
Sigma ART 50 f1.4
Sigma ART 85 f1.4


Mamiya RZ67 Pro + 120 Back + WLF
Mamiya Sekor Z 65mm f4 M/LA
Mamiya Sekor Z 90mm f3.5 W
Mamiya Sekor Z 110mm f2.8 W
Mamiya Sekor Z 140mm Macro M/LA
Mamiya Sekor Z 250mm f4.5
Mamiya RZ67 Prism
Mamiya RZ67 Left Handed Grip

Mamiya 7
Mamiya Sekor N 65mm f4
Mamiya Sekor N 80mm f4

Chamonix 45Nii
Nikkor 90mm f4.5 SW
Nikkor 135mm f5.6 W
Nikkor 150mm f5.6 W
Nikkor 210mm f5.6 W
Fidelity Elite 4x5 Film Holders x10
Schneider Kreuznach 4x Loupe

Nikon F3
Zeiss ZF Distagon 35mm f2
Zeiss ZF.2 Planar 50mm 1.4

Owen Peters

Hello, my name is Owen Peters, I’ve been an Event/Freelance Photographer based in Manchester for the past 3 years; collaborating primarily as an Event Photographer with DE Photography covering a variety of events across the country from the British Gymnastics Championships to the European Taekwondo Finals.

My work was then noticed by both Paul Cooper and Little Mark Holland and I was invited to support them as an assistant photographer, working with clients such as Manchester United, Liverpool FC, Aston Villa, Fanatics and Joanie.

Alongside working as an assistant photographer I have continued to grow my personal freelance business and have had the pleasure of working closely with the Blossoms, The AA and Off the Radar clothing.

I would like to invite you to look at my online portfolio which is linked in my profile, and if you feel we may be a good fit to work together, please don’t hesitate to contact me on: 07443226091.

Owen Peters

Ben Parker

I'm Ben a freelance photographer and assistant working in a range of sectors from fine art to the commercial including - Interior Design photography, food and hospitality, motorsport and events.
I have assisted on some brilliant projects as a first and second assistant. One of the most valuable things I've learnt whilst assisting is the way to communicate effectively with the client.
I grew up in Bolivia, South America, where my passion for the arts began as it was an incredibly colourful and vibrant country where the arts were celebrated. I began my photography journey there, taking portraits of the locals and the incredible scenery. I have since been on a journey of personal development working on my own practice and style. One of my most celebrated cinematic projects, which is still ongoing, is entitled titled Wonderfully Mundane.
I'd love to chat if you would like me on board with any projects in the future.

Oliver Clyde


I have been operating in London for 8 years, mainly focusing on Still Life and Portraiture photography. Coming from the retouching side has given me great confidence in file management and the composite side of technical photography. I specialise in all types of studio photography, but in recent years I have been working more and more on location. I am always looking for new challenges and new opportunities.

Gyorgy Englert

I am a recent Photography BA(Hons) graduate from the University of Westminster with first class honours and I am looking for assisting opportunities.
I have recently started to assist photographers such as Julia Fullerton-Batten, Duncan Elliott, Frank Herholdt, Matthew Shave, Eddie Miles, Tony Harris in the field of art, fashion, portrait, interior and food photography.
I am familiar with both studio sets and on-location shooting, using ambient and/or 30+ lights on set. I have been working mainly with Profoto gears. I use Capture1, Lightroom, Photoshop. I have also been using 35mm analogue and digital, medium format and 4x5 cameras.
My photography work has already been recognised as a result of competitions, exhibitions, and awards.

Anjali Gupta


I'm Anjali, a dedicated and friendly photographer's assistant based in South London. With over five years of experience in interior, lifestyle, food, fashion, hotel, and architecture photography, I've developed a versatile skill set. My internship at Process Photography Agency provided valuable insights into the industry's inner workings. I'm confident in retouching and always eager to learn new skills.

BA (Hons) Photography – London College of Communication, UAL
Foundation Diploma in Arts and Design – Camberwell College of Arts, UAL

Capture One
Microsoft Office's

Nanlite Forza

Photographers I've Assisted:
Helen Cathcart
Mel Yates
Paul Raeside
Taran Wilkhu
Ben Sage
Megan Taylor
Milo Brown
Will Hartley
Rebecca Maynes
Francesco Russo
Tom Farmer
Barley Nimmo
Patrick Williamson

Always happy to travel for shoots. Email or call if you're interested in collaborating!

Bruce Horak

I’ve been working in the photographic industry since 2008 in freelance and full time positions as a photo assistant, digital operator, studio manager and production manager. I am a Phase One Certified Professional and equally experienced and capable with lighting and digital operating.

Before moving to London in 2015 I was based in South Africa and then Germany.
Over the years I have worked on projects across all genres from still life studio shoots to on location outdoor projects in difficult environments. I most enjoy advertising, portraiture, lifestyle, travel and documentary work. I can provide a list of references on request.

I can provide a digital capture location or studio setup including: Macbook Pro M1. Eizo Monitors. Workcase + Tripod. Hyperjuice Batteries. Tether kit. Wacom graphics tablet. Keyboards. Trackpads
I also have Camera Kit (Nikon D850 + lenses) available

I believe that doing my job well allows a photographer to put more of their energy into making great pictures while knowing that the technical details and everything outside the viewfinder is taken care of. Please feel free to give me call if you'd like to discuss any projects or have any questions.

T: +44(0)7481470647


Valerio Lettieri

Hi, I’m Valerio. I have been working in the photography industry since 2015. Before moving on to assisting, I taught post-production at a photography school in London.
I began as a studio assistant and then I moved on to second/first assistant as well as Digi-Tech and retoucher. Originally from Italy, I’m now based in south London.

I have spent most of my assisting time on location, around Europe and the Middle East. This has given me a deep understanding on how to travel with photographic equipment and how to quickly tackle challenging weather conditions when the team needs to be most efficient. I have experience shooting in extreme cold / hot environments and also as a second shooter.

I’m highly proficient in post-production and colour management. I’m accustomed to working fast under tight deadlines and to delivering files for either digital or print use.

On top of capturing stills, I'm confident shooting video too.

Here’s an overview of my skills and equipment I have worked with:

- Camera systems: Canon, Sony, Nikon, Leica.

- Lighting: Aputure, Profoto, Elinchrom, Arri, Dedo.

- Software: Capture One, Lightroom, Photoshop, Camera RAW, Bridge, Da Vinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, VR and 360° stills.

- Languages: mother tongue Italian, fluent English, basic French

Equipment available to hire:

- 14" MacBook Pro M2 Pro (includes Capture One Pro, Photoshop, Bridge, Lightroom, Da Vinci)
- 27-inch Benq Monitor
- Datacolor Spyder 5 Pro
- Wacom Intuos Pro Small
- Sony A7 IV + lenses
- Leica M240 + lenses
- Blue hand painted background
- Manfrotto 190 Tripod + 410 Micro-metric geared head
- F&V K4000 SE Daylight LED Panel
- 500W flashes with a wide range of light shapers
- General grip
- Stands and C-Stands
- Location SSD drives


I hold an Italian passport, a UK driving license and I have my own car.
I’m happy to travel/drive anywhere if required.


I play guitar and I’m a very good cook!

Please, get in touch to chat about your specific needs.
References can be provided on request.

Roy James Baron

Assistant of quality.

T: +44 7855 797561



Georgia Quinn

Georgia Quinn has been working as an Assistant in Melbourne, Australia since graduating RMIT’s BA of Photography in 2015. Georgia moved to London in November of 2022.
For the past 10 years she has been working full time in the photographic industry, primarily as a Digital Operator but is also called upon for 1st Assistant and Lighting
Technician roles for stills and in some instances, video production.

She has worked across a range of photographic genres such as Architecture, Interiors, Ecommerce, Food, Still Life, Corporate Headshots, Advertising and Fashion.
Currently, she is honing in on her expertise to focus more on product and still-life which she is incredibly passionate about.

Georgia is working towards her career in photography with many satisfied past clients but she is still a happy chappy working in the assisting world =)


Please contact me for more information regarding rates and equipment hire.

London Clients

- Patricia Niven
- Helen Cathcart
- Rich Maciver
- Danny Craven
- Oli Douglas
- Katie Wilson
- Kristy Noble
- Dunja Opalko


Photographer Testimonials

"Having Georgia on set is simply wonderful. Not only is her knowledge of Lighting and Digi fantastic but she's also a real joy to have around. If you need someone you can rely on and who has your back, she's the one. Her great sense of humour and her wit will lighten up your tough and long shoot days."

- Dunja Opalko

Chris Brown

Chris has a lot of experiance in: digital, still life, food, people, above/below the line advertising, corporate annual reports, locations near & far, editorial, room sets, cars, tv production stills, a bit of fashion, a bit of beauty, reportage, and even weddings!!!

Equipment? All the usual suspects from 35mm to 10x8. Digital SLRS, Leaf , Sinar, Imacon, Mac.

Lighting: Most flash packs, Tungsten, HMI’s & 32 5K Strobe packs all synced toghether then putting out the fire afterwards!

T: 07941 22 63 92



Karyn Louise


I am a conscientious person who works hard and pays attention to detail. I am adaptable, flexible, quick to pick up new skills and enthusiastic when it comes to learning from others.
I have assisted photographers (and still continue to where I can), I have attended London Fashion Week and London Collections: Men as well as doing my own personal projects. This has given me varied transferable skills and the ability to work with many different types of people. I believe I could fit easily into your team.

Equipment I know:
Nikon, Phase One (Basic), Profoto, Broncolor, Bowens, Elinchrom, Briese (basic), Arri Sky Panel (basic), HMI (Basic use)

Lightroom (90%) | MAC OS (90%)
Capture One (45%) | Photoshop (90%)
Indesign (45% | Social Media (90%)

Photographers I've worked with:

Rob Shepard, Eric Marillier, Jason Yates, Denise Maxwell ,Marcin Leszczynski,
Uzo Oleh, Jayden Tang, Rosella Vannon, Nick Guttridge, Emma Mitchell, Olly Courtney, Alison Jackson

Shoots I've worked on:

Boden, Fabulous Mag, Unpolished Mag, Another Mag, Purple Mag, Volt Mag, Oceanic/Volkan Mag, L'Oreal, Wolford, DJ Tim Green, Notion Mag, Africa Fashion Week, Funk Eye Wear, Asda Christmas Campaign, New Look Christmas Campaign; Zoho Advert, Incesco Campign

Jack Hall

I am a London-based photographer and assistant/Digi tech with a BA Honours in photography.


1st Assistant
2nd Assist
Lighting Technician
Digi OP

I'm a calm, level-headed person who works well under pressure. I can communicate well and understand my role in assisting photographers in completing a successful shoot.

The skills I've acquired over the years have made me more than competent with lighting equipment.

Likewise, with a digital workflow, I can provide a complete digital kit package and ensure that all files from the camera to a computer are organized, graded, and outputted according to the client's requirements and ready for retouching.

See below for references:

Nigel Davies _ Human Made Devices
Nick Turpin - TFL
Gareth Cattermole - Cannes Film Festival
John Phillips - National Lottery
Jeff Spicer - National Lottery
Elliot Jones - Puma
Kirk Truman - The Rake

While assisting, I have also taken on my own jobs. My work has been published globally, both online and in print, with publications including Vogue, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, OK Magazine, Daily Mail, Metro, Rolling Stone,, and Daily Express.

I have also worked internally on several high-profile events, including the Red Sea International Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, London Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, and BAFTA events. I have also worked on promotional events and projects alongside many global brands and PR agencies, including Getty Images, IKEA, Coach, Netflix, Appear Here, BAFTA, and Press Association.

Other Skills

Image Retouching
Photo Journalism
Fashion, Interiors, E-commerce and portraiture
People Skills
Hold a Full, Clean UK Driving License

Ira Giorgetti

⇢ Delivering COVID-compliant photography solutions to resilient creatives, producers, creative directors, marketers, and art directors working through the complications of coronavirus and the “new normal” ⇠

I help creatives, producers, marketers, art directors, and photographic agents deliver spectacularly on their briefs and smash their client’s campaign targets by providing expert and agile end-to-end platform-specific stills photography and production services.

I take the stress and headache out of photographic production by consistently delivering irresistibly beautiful and effective imagery under minimal supervision with creative flair, big-picture insights, and years of experience across multiple verticals.

Specialties include fashion photography, lifestyle photography, portrait photography, e-commerce photography, and still life photography for advertising, digital, social, and editorial.

Dominique Arieu


I am Dominique, I am a Photographer/Audiovisual Designer and Assisting Photographer, available to work.
I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but this is my fourth year living in the UK. I am based in Shinfield, Reading, so I can commute to London easily for example. I also have my own mobility and a Full UK Driving license.
I have many years of experience assisting remarkable photographers and leading photoshoots and productions.
I have recently completed my MA Documentary Photography with the University of South Wales.
Please do not hesitate in contacting me!

James Bain

A Digi Op originally from Sydney, Australia. My experience can be found below, including the clients and photographers from the previous 12 months (it was a busy year):

Uber Eats, Uber One, Incu, AJE and AJE Athletica, La Roche Posay, SEED, Strandbags, Ralph Lauren, JACQUIE, Tommy Hilfiger, Lee Mathews , Champion, Revlon, BASSIKE, LandRover, CUE, AMEX, Harris Scarfe, Rockwear, Bonds, Royal Princess Cruises, LMND, Monte & Lou, Womens Weekly, Sydney Water, MYOB, IBIS Hotels, Mink Pink, ShonaJoy, PETBARN, RUSH, HARPERS BAZAAR, TAB, PE NATION, McCain, Cotton On, The Upside, OzSwim, Australian Fashion week, HelloMolly, STELLAR MAG, Masimo, AFR, BWS, Oxford, Seafolly, GQ, KFC, Lucy Folk, AnnaQuan, W-hotels and SYNDYS.

Simon Upton, Tim Swallow, Felix Forrest, Alexandrena Parker, Paul Scala, Byron Spencer, Damien Bennett, Charles Dennington, Oliver Geier, Brogan Chidley, Mason Stevenson, Nicole England, Ben Clement, Peter Van Alphan, Chris Tovvo, James Giles, Juli Balla, Matt Baker, Max Doyle, Ian Butterworth, Joel Pratley, Will Taylor, Cara O'dowd, Andrew Butler, Dan Boud, Dan Knott, Fiona Susanto, Mia Rankin, Jen Wilding, Isabel Sanchez, Nicky Ryan, Shelly Horan, Dave Rex, Hugh Stewart, Stefan Wellsmore, Adrian Mesko.

In Sydney, I worked directly with photographers as well as production companies/agencies, such as MAP, The Kitchen Collective, DLM AU, Saunders & Co, Union Management, Liminal Rep, Chee Productions and a few other shops.

I have the following gear available for hire:
- M3 Macbook Pro, included with all subscriptions [brand new]
- Tether cables
- Seaport i-Visor Case
- BenroTripod (Mach3)
- Manfrotto 494 Center Ball Head with 200PL-PRO Quick Release
- 2 x HyperJuice (245W)
- Canon R6 Mark II
- Canon 24mm-70mm Lens
- Contax G2, Carl Zeiss 45mm F2.0 Lens, TLA200 Flash

In addition to Digi Operating, I'm a competent Lighting Technician and welcome any opportunity to work with you. Thanks for reviewing my profile and hope to chat with you soon!


Tanc Newbury

Hi I’m Tanc Newbury, and I'm a freelance Digi Tech and analogue and digital Lighting Assistant based in Hackney.

I’m super geeky and tech-savvy about everything photographic as well as upbeat, passionate and super sociable.


Digi Tech (2016-Present)
1st Assistant/Lighting Tech (2017-Present)
2nd Assistant (2015-2019)


DIGI 6+ Years
Tethered capture | Capture One 11, 12 and 20 | Photoshop CC | Creating Network for Connecting Capture One to Capture Pilot | Phocus | Chronosync | On-set Comps | Plating | Focus-Checking | Grading | Colour Correction | Keystoning | Annotating | Moodboards | Marking Selects | Contact Sheets | Exporting Full/Low Res etc | Retouching Skin | Removing or Extending Objects | Liquify Tool | Adding Copy or Cover Design Overlays to check Composition | Digi-backs | Colour Calibrating Monitors such as Eizo ColorEdge | Creating GIFs from Stills | Bridge CC | Lightroom CC & Classic | Software Shortcuts | Hyperjuice Batteries | Seaport Case Workflow |
Troubleshooting protocol | Colorbrite ColorChecker |
Mac OS best practice | Phase One Certification Pre-Test Completed |
Direct Photographic Equipment & Lighting Training Certificated

Canon | Nikon | Phase One XF & XT + IQ | Hasselblad H | Fuji GFX |

Mamiya RB/RZ67 (incl dark-plate holder trick, so they never get lost) | Mamiya 7 | Pentax 67 | Hasselblad 500 series | Fuji GA645 | Contax G & 645| Rolleiflex | Polaroid & most 35mm… [au fait with settings, zone metering, pushing/pulling film, have 20/20 vision for double-checking focus & can load & unload film at speed]

Highly adept with all commonly used strobe & continuous lighting:
Flash heads, HMI, tungsten, LED, kinoflo/fluorescent | Profoto | Elinchrom | HMI | Arri Sky Panels | Briese | Broncolor | Bowens |
Kino-Flo | Short Flash Duration ’Freeze’ | Light Meters | Softboxes | Shoot-through umbrellas | Polys | Flags | Safely Counter-weighting Boom Arms | Negative Fill | "Book Lighting” | Briese Umbrellas | Beauty Dishes | Grids | Gels | Snoots | Cinefoil | Scrims | California | Dedolights | Sunbounce and other boom-operated diffusers


Mark Harrison | Sophia Spring | Eva Schwank | Abi Campbell | Olivia Bearsley | Doh Lee | Hannah Maule-Ffinch | Steve Howse | Richard Cannon | Pal Hansen | Paul Farnham | Muir Vidler | Jamie Mcgregor Smith | Jonathan Ford | Steve Ryan | Henrik Knudsen | Janie Airey | David Ellis | Andrew Woffinden | Jason Bailey | Syndi Huang |
Adrian Weinbrecht | JI+DOH | Harleymoon Kemp | Alan Powdrill |


Elizabeth Hoff | Michael Leckie | Paul Farnham | Eva Schwank | Jonathan Ford | Jamie Mcgregor Smith | Adrian Weinbrecht | JI+DOH | Kerry Harrison | Alan Powdrill | Steve Ryan | Syndi Huang


The Berkeley | Claridges | Chanel | Schön! | Savoir | Stella McCartney | Good Housekeeping | Zara | Emmy Magazine | How To Spend It | Sunday Times Magazine | Linda McCartney | The Guardian | Aviva


Clean UK Driving Licence (can drive cars, transit vans, mini-buses, can drive away security guards [just kidding but I do know how to speak with them politely & effectively…] Comfortable with both left- & right-hand drive, automatic & manual transition)

6’2” & strong (can carry big things)

Portable speaker & good, super-wide-ranging taste in music & a feel for what matches the mood of a shot/story. (On request, obvs)

Assisting Photographer Member of the AOP

Member of BECTU Photo Technician Union

Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance

ZipCar / ZipVan subscription


PHASE ONE Phase One Certified Professional – June 2022
DIGIBOUTIQUE Digi Masterclass
DIRECT DIGITAL Lighting Tech Photo Assistant Training


ITALIAN Fluent with fully native accent

AOP Emerging Photographer Spotlight, 2020
Guardian Student Travel Writer of the Year, 2006
Short-listed for NUS/Press Association Travel Journalist of the Year,

2021 Macbook M1 Pro 14” | Nikon D810, 50mm f1.4D, 24-70 f2.8G, & 80-200 f2.8D Nikkor Lenses | Wacom | Tether Tools tether cable | Tether Lock | Seaport Case | SB-900 Flashgun | Manfrotto MT055C-XPRO4 Carbon Fibre Tripod | Junior Geared 3-Way Head | Gitzo Off-Centre Magnesium Ball Head | Manfrotto MVH502AH Pro Video Fluid Head | iPhone 11 Pro Max (for Capture Pilot/Cascable) | Nikon FE2 | Nikon F100 | DJI Osmo Mobile 3 (for smooth BTS videos)

Minolta Light Meter & pretty much all conceivable assisting gear, incl: Leatherman Surge Multitool | Tape measure | Sunscreen | Grey Card | Bluetooth Speaker | 5-in-1 Reflector | Gaffer Tape | Grip gloves Gels | Sharpies | Clips | Phone chargers | AA & AAA Batteries |

If you have any questions or have any jobs you need digi or lighting help feel free to get in touch by phone or email.

Ciao for now !


Denise Maxwell

*Please call or email rather than text*

Hi all, if you are reading this you may be interested in me assisting you on a shoot, which is great!

The first thing I should mention is that I am a full time photographer in my own right ( so you may be asking why I would assist another photographer on a shoot? Well, why not? I have colleagues that assist me often and it suits me to do the same for others during the times I do not have my own shoots or I am not teaching.

I come with a range of experience in setting up lighting, Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign, photography, being a digital assistant and so on.

I have been full time since 2011 and part time for a few years before that, before giving my full time job up; as such I also have a range of equipment from lenses, boom arms, bodies, portable lighting, too much to mention here that can also be hired in addition to me assisting on shoot, where I will arrive with energy, initiative and knowledge!

I am based in both Birmingham and London (on account of having a house in both places) and regularly work in both cities. I am also willing to travel to others, with a car and driving licence.

Feel free to call, email, insta, facebook and all those other ways we now communicate (but please not texts, I do not always carry my work phone with me to receive texts, but calls are forwarded) if you would like to speak to me about your project.

I have worked with a few AOP photographers, so happy to forward names for references should you need.

T: 07956104260



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