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Luke Archer


Phone: 07841574644
Fax: -
Mobile: -
Based in: South East
City: Brighton and Hove
Country: United Kingdom
Experience: 4 Years Experience

Assistant Overview

I'm an assistant based in Brighton, spending a lot of time in London! but also working across the country and occasionally internationally. I love the job and I'm always happy to pitch in wherever I’m needed to ensure a fun and stress-free shoot.

I assist a wide variety of photographers ( solo and repped) from across many photographic disciplines: editorial, portraiture, corporate, still life, food, interiors, commercial advertising, kids fashion and more.

I'm happy working in big studios such Big Sky, Alva, Premier Park etc or out in a muddy field. On smaller jobs, I'm often a one-man band taking care of both lighting and digi duties - bringing a spare SSD for backing up just in case your client is still ‘borrowing’ yours.

I'm familiar with current industry standards such Aputure Led, Profoto, Chronosync etc. I have a small selection of kit available to hire including Profoto b10's with modifers and some GFX lenses.

If you are looking to shoot in Brighton I can recommend locally based crew such as hair, make-up, props, videographers, and other assistants, as well as studios and locations.

Feel free to get in touch - I'm happy to answer any questions or provide references!

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