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Neal Megaw


Phone: 07581236902
Fax: -
Mobile: -
Based in: South West
City: Truro
Country: United Kingdom
Experience: 4 Years Experience

Assistant Overview

Experienced filmmaker, many commissions as a solo shooter and can assist as an AC too. Aspiring Gaffer / Lighting Technician. I have experience using small to large format camera systems e.g. Sony Mirrorless, Canon Cinema and Arri.

Experienced in most Flash formats e.g. Profoto & Elinchrome. Many hours, hands on experience using LED, HMI and fluorescent fixtures. I can light to spec in the studio or on location.

Proficient using most 35mm digital camera systems e.g. Sony, Canon, Nikon, Leaf and Hasselblad.

Photographic interests are Portrait, Lifestyle, e-commerce and still life.

Own car with clean driving license with no points. Adept at driving a 3.5t van.
Based in Cornwall.

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