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PG Mutual


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Company Overview

Income Protection Plus for Photographers

PG Mutual are a not-for-profit Friendly Society that have specialised in providing Income Protection insurance since 1928.

Income Protection Plus could replace your income if you are unable to work through illness or injury. You can insure up to 70% of your gross income (up to a maximum of £1,200 per week), which would allow you to focus on recovery rather than worrying about your monthly expenses.

Highlights of the policy

• Cover until you recover or reach age 65 (whichever comes first).
• Profit Share – any annual profits PG Mutual make are shared with members.
• No penalties for claiming or limit to the number of claims you can make.
• No waiting period – cover starts as soon as your first contribution is paid.

Visit PG Mutual online at to learn more.

AOP members receive 20% off their first 2 years’ cover. See Discounts area on the Member Dashboard for more info.

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